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Five Ways to Convert More Website Visitors into Customers

BY IN Conversion Rate Optimisation, Online Sales On 01-01-2015

Getting traffic to your website can be quite a challenge, but turning that traffic into paying customers is even harder. If you want to convert website visitors into long-term customers, then you will need to have an efficient, effective and attractive website design.

– Use Strong Calls to Action
The easiest way to convert more sales online is to hone your skill at writing concise, eye-catching and compelling calls to action. The call does not have to be to make a purchase immediately — often it is just as effective to ask the customer to hand over their contact details and subscribe to your mailing list or to like your social media profiles. The goal here is to build up long-term engagement with the customer. You can convert more visitors that way than you can by asking for money from day one.

– Measure Your Leads and Conversion Goals
Before you can find areas that need improvement, you need to understand where you stand right now. Use eye-tracking and heatmap tools such as in conjunction with Google Analytics to find out where people are going on your website, how they are finding your website in the first place and what they are looking at while they are there. In the long term, this knowledge will help you to refine your conversion process and will give you the best chance of success.

– Track Calls and Other Real-World Interactions
Don’t just look at who signs up to your mailing list and who makes a purchase. Pay attention to the number of people that press the click to call button or call you using your mobile and the number of people who access the printer-friendly version of your brochure too. These people count as conversions in one form or another, and keeping track of how many of those conversions continue to move up the pipeline and become paying customers will give you a better insight into how your website is doing.

– Give Free Gifts to Nurture Contacts
Giving out free e-books, software downloads, songs or even desktop wallpapers is a good way to convert more customers. Depending on your target demographic, you may find it hard to collect the contact details of customers without giving them an incentive to engage with you. A free gift is often the incentive that they need.

– Build Trust Before the Hard Sell
Consumers are naturally rather wary of handing over their credit card details to an unknown brand, and the more expensive the product you are promoting, the less likely they are to want to take a chance and make that purchase. You can put their mind at rest by promoting any certifications that you have and also clearly displaying any association or relationship that you have with big brands. Of course, you should only do this if those associations are easily verifiable, because there is a high chance that your customers will want to confirm that you really do have the credentials that you cite.


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