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For Logged in leads to see:

TitleDescriptionClientsLocationHourly RateMinimum PackageAvailibilityTags
PoxoidFreelance Graphic DesignerNanoRocks, Winns, PSCBrighton£25£2001 week
SmedCorpFreelance Web DeveloperPlanetary ScorpBrighton£32£5002 weeks
Speed RublicityDigital Marketing AgencyDunno, Notsure, SearchMeHorsham£40£5001 Week
Element LDigital Marketing AgencyDream or Not. RMG, Sellmines,Brighton£35£2451 week
Huncan DeathFreelance Marketing StrategistSafe Place Facility, Fre SmeggWorthing£50£10004 weeks
Bitch RuceFreelance Web DeveloperNowt to See or Hear, NanoRocksWorthing£50£10004 weeks
I want dat thangWeb Development AgencyNowt to See or Hear, NanoRocksWorthing£50£10004 weeks
Caz HappyFreelance PR ConsultantGroanpeace, Ends of the BearthBristol£45£5002 weeks
Jim SaviourFreelance Digital MarketerDon't know, not to sure, search meEastbourne£35£2801 week
Digvert ConvicalDigital Marketing AgencyC Pop, VoucherTree,Brighton£35£3502 weeks
Clom TartFreelance SEO ConsultantRH Dead, AM I Creative?,Brighton£37£5502 weeks
Milson WartinFreelance SEO ConsultantBright Uni, NanoRocks, Drissilas, Safe Place FacilitiesBrighton£44£6006 weeks
Black BirdWeb Content AgencyWonnes, Speed Rublicity,Brighton2.5p per word£151 Day
Context TomorrowWeb content agency100+ UK brands (white label)London2.0p per word£101 Day

For Admins like me to see:

TitleBidRatingQuality ScoreHourly RateMinimum Package
Poxoid20% Ongoing3/566£25£200
SmedCorp15% Ongoing3/555£32£500
Speed Rublicity20% Ongoing3/555£40£500
Element L20% Ongoing3/579£35£245
Huncan Death15% Ongoing3/567£50£1000
Bitch Ruce10% Ongoing3/577£50£1000
I want dat thang15% Ongoing3/578£50£1000
Caz Happy10% Ongoing3/577£45£500
Jim Saviour20% ongoing3/533£35£280
Digvert Convical20% Ongoing3/566£35£350
Clom Tart20% Ongoing3/566£37£550
Milson Wartin20% Ongoing3/599£44£600
Black Bird10% Ongoing3/5452.5p per word£15
Context Tomorrow10% Ongoing3/5552.0p per word£10

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